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Our CRM Offerings


At Amicus we offer full service of CRM suite including both consulting and implementation services. We have worked extensively with on premise and cloud versions of the most popular CRM products including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Siebel CRM system. Our team has supported businesses in upgrading/migrating CRM solutions and integrating the same with other enterprise and third party systems. We have worked with clients across industries to map their processes and implement a CRM solution that captured key pieces of information in their CRM repository which in turn helped them extract actionable information. We have also created custom CRM solutions for small enterprises.

As a result of our CRM solution, our clients were able to get a 360-degree view of their customers with easy reporting and actionable information.

What is CRM?

A CRM system is a business tool that allows you to manage all your customers, partners and prospects information all in one place. CRM systems can help every part of your business get a 360 degree view of your customer.

For example, it helps:

  • sales teams close deals faster.
  • marketing manage campaigns and track lead generation.
  • service call centres reduce the time to resolve customer complaints.

With CRM systems customers are served better on day to day process and with more reliable information their demand of self service from companies will decrease. If there is less need to contact with the company for different problems, customer satisfaction level increases. These central benefits of CRM will be connected hypothetically to the three kind of equity that are relationship, value and brand, and in the end to customer equity.

"3 out of 4 consumers say they spent more money with a company because of positive customer experience."

Our CRM Solution Areas



CRM Operations

  • Strategy and Planning: Our experts perform a feasibility and gap analysis of the client's processes and come up with a high level strategy and design to implement a CRM solution. This includes recommending the right tool and identifying the peripheral systems that need to be integrated with CRM.
  • Implementation: Our end to end integration solution includes data migration from any existing systems, integrating with any third party or in-house systems, process automation using workflows and plugins, optimization and configuration, customizations on top of any out of the box features.
  • Analytics and Reporting: We are adept at different techniques to massage the underlying data and present insightful information in the form of sophisticated dashboards with reports and charts.
  • User Training: With systems getting more and more sophisticated, training the end users in order to harness the full capacity of the system becomes increasingly important. We typically customize our training based on the organization's needs.
  • Maintenance and Support: Our maintenance and support teams work constantly on refactoring the codebase and identify areas to harmonize the application landscape. The underlying idea is to decrease the spending on the maintenance exercise and constantly align the applications with the organizational goals.

How we deliver value in CRM

A good CRM gives you insights into running your business. A smart CRM gives you the information you need in a way that you can use it. An ideal CRM offers you a solution to simplify your processes from day one. Amicus CRM includes the good, the smart, and the ideal in an enterprise-ready package.


Multiple channels, one conversation.

Meet your customers, no matter the medium. Connect via phone, live chat, email, social media, and in person.


Shift your team into high gear.

Use analytics and reports for detailed metrics about your team's performance and your customers' life cycle.


Break sales records without breaking a sweat.

A good sales process leads to great sales. Generate more sales with sales process automation, workflows, and advanced reporting.


Software that works the way you do.

Adapt your CRM to meet the market. Customize how you collect and deploy key data across your organization.


Enterprise ready and ready to go.

Amicus CRM is secure, scalable, and packed with advanced features to keep your business growing.


More deals, in less time.

From contact to close, cut the energy it takes to pass leads through the pipeline with the best sales productivity tools.

Case Studies


Statistical Analysis and Reporting System

A large manufacturer of chemical catalysts ran a sales-incentive program that offered specialized sample analysis to oil refineries. The company promised the refineries a turnaround time of 48 hours, but inefficiencies in the existing data interfaces and manual analysis processes caused delays that resulted in extending the turnaround time to 96 hours. This led to a drop in customer service levels and affected sales. Amicus provided the company a complete turnkey automatic statistical analysis and reporting solution that led to reductions in turnaround time to just 6 hours, exceeding the customer expectations.

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Overtime Management System

Take a close look at how this manufacturing plant that had a 24/7-production schedule that was controlled in multiple shifts through 400 factory workers partnered with Amicus to create a Global Overtime Management System.

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Document Management System

The number of documents kept growing over several years for a leading construction company, amplifying the problem of managing and securing the intellectual property. Amicus promised and delivered a cutting-edge Document Management solution that was not only structured and accessible but at the same time secure and reliable. This solution led to a standardized and methodological approach of managing and accessing documentation followed by company employees globally.

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Automation Testing

A Logsheets management system designed by Amicus keeping in minds the lack of integration between the production floor and the enterprise floor, in most manufacturing plants that utilize ERP solutions. The application is a Data Collection system that digitize the paper trail data, enabling manufacturing plants to save time in capturing inputs, ensuring accuracy, maintaining compliance and most importantly, enabling the company to receive real-time updates of plant floor level activity and reporting irrespective of locations.

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