Application Maintenance and Support

Our Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) services framework is guided by:

  • ITIL Framework
  • Six Sigma
  • CMMI

Effective Delivery

Technically trained personnel with knowledge of customer’s applications, business structure/processes and IT landscape.

Efficient knowledge transfer to/from customer and within the team.


We boast of our experts well versed in establishing IT governance and service level agreements.

Well-documented, systematic and process oriented strategy.

Continuous Improvement

Lowering ticket count and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Effective quality checks including steps to collect customer feedback.

Application lifecycle management in line with the strategic roadmap.

Preventive maintenance to minimize business disruptions.

Key Benefits

Minimized Maintenance cost and Enhanced Performance.

Update application management strategies that improve application performance.

Application maintenance strategies to provide a secure and high performance platform.

Rapid Application enhancements.

What Are The Benefits?

Focus on your business growth and we would ensure uninterrupted software availability

Effective Maintenance

SLA Bound Delivery

Continous Improvement

Application Maintenance and Support Services

  • Effective communication and continuous process improvement based on valuable feedback from the customer.
  • Strict adherence to policies form maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Immediate issue resolution and root cause analysis.
  • Efficient knowledge transfer to and from customer.
  • Skilled and experienced resources to improve maintenance operations focused on lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • 24/7 application support services and established matrix for help desk services.

Amicus provides four levels of standard support to its customers: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4, as described below. At the same time, the standard scope of the support can also be customized as per the requirement of the customer.

  • Level 1: Incident Management - Issues are logged and routed to L2 by a dedicated helpdesk that works based on a 24/7 application support services model.
  • Level 2: Problem Management - Minor issues helpdesk cannot resolve are handled by the L2 support team.
  • Level 3: Bug Fixes - Production issues that cannot be resolved by Level 2 support are escalated to Level 3. This includes a development team which provides small bug-fixes and workarounds.
  • Level 4: Support is provided by senior engineers on more complex and effort-intensive issues. These issues may be treated as change requests or enhancements that require less than 40 hours of work.

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