Infrastructure Upgrade

Technology evolves, and businesses have to evolve their IT infrastructure along with it or risk losing the competitive advantage that comes from keeping pace with the latest developments. Amicus will guide you through the many options at your disposal to help you choose the right one:

  • To meet your key commercial objectives
  • Fits within your budget
  • Maintains business continuity

Addressing Your Unique Needs With Infrastructure Upgrade

The goal for any company is to grow their business, but growth requires constant evolution of every piece of your company, not the least of which is your technical infrastructure. The fact of technological evolution is not, however, a reason to upgrade your IT infrastructure just because you can. What matters is that you have a clear business reason for doing so. Sometimes that business reason is not apparent and that’s where we will guide you to get better scale, performance and reliability.

How Can Amicus Software Enable You to Change The Game?

We have no allegiance to any specific product or service and our independence means our advice is unbiased. After a review of your IT infrastructure we may recommend restructuring your physical infrastructure to enable remote working and hot-desking. We may also recommend migration to the cloud or a hybrid solution where migration is partial or takes place in a series of well-defined steps. Our impartial advice means there is a clear alignment of interests between us and our clients.

What Are The Benefits?

We advise the best fit infrastructure for your organization and customer for improved experiences.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Scalability and Flexibility

Support for DR, BC and High Availability

IT Infrastructure Health Check

A server going down can have a huge impact on the operations of a not-for-profit, critical data can be lost and business operations interrupted, costing time and money.We conduct server health assessment of IT infrastructure to see how well it’s doing its job. We can then inform organisations of what needs fixing and what to focus on first. Once priorities have been set, we’ll help with the necessary upgrades.

Considering The Cloud

It’s important to evaluate the IT infrastructure of an organisation before moving operations to the cloud, We can design an infrastructure set-up that combines the cloud and local servers to meet individual needs.

Solutions Portfolio



Take a close look at how this German supplier of high-tech automotive parts virtualized its global software landscape with Amicus Landscape Virtualization Management.

The benefits have been staggering. Just for starters, it reduced hardware costs to a third and accelerated central software copies by a factor of 48.

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Digital advancements and focus on Mobile centric business models in creating new opportunities for enterprises.Our Enterprise Mobility solutions drives outcomes for enterprises across five areas Efficiency, Productivity, Rapid availability, Paperless workflow and Security.

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Customer Relationship Management

Bringing automation in sales function to significantly impact on revenue, attract more Prospects, employee satisfaction and foster the best customer relationships possible. Learn more about how Amicus delivers value in CRM that’ll help to streamline customer relationships.

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Business Intelligence

Amicus helps you to reinvent business, Analyzing data and Business Models to extract actionable insights, data-driven decision-making and identifying new business opportunities. Take a close look at how we deliver value in Business Intelligence to scrutinize, analyze and understand your business information to drive your decisions.

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