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Technology Stack

As a technology company, we take pride in working with the most widely used technologies. Our expertise includes technologies like Salesforce, Microsoft .NET Core, Office365 including sharepoint and CRM Online, AngularJS/Node.js (MEAN stack), Xamarin, Titanium appcelerator and multiple analytics/reporting platforms

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IT Software consulting

IT Services

Our Services team works continuously towards helping you gain process maturity. Our technology services include Customized Software Development, Application Maintenance and Support and Independent Validation and Verification, Infrastructure Support to medium and large scale enterprises.

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Amicus Technology

Business Solutions

Amicus Technology Solutions let you accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. We provide simple and smart solutions for Cloud and Collaboration, Enterprise Mobility, Business Intelligence and CRM.

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Amicus Technology IT Services

Amicus Products

We have experts in the field of Manufacturing Execution Systems, SCADA, Business Intelligence and Operations Management. Our highly customizable products make it easier for you to deliver insight-driven solutions that improve decision making and business results

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Amicus Technology IT Solutions

eQuill. Plant Floor Visibility & Integration

Most manufacturing plants that utilize ERP solutions, still face a large disconnect between the production floor and the enterprise floor. This lack of visibility and automation at the plant floor was significantly affecting a specialty chemicals company to troubleshoot their operational bottlenecks, implement quality checkpoints, enabling six-sigma efforts and meeting compliance requirements (GMP, ISO, EPA and OSHA).

While ERP systems can track any inputs systematically, there are still a lot of steps that need to take place in order to generate the inputs that are fed into ERP systems. These steps currently generate a large paper trail and the data collected through these paper trails could not be analyzed.

Amicus implemented their flag-ship product, eQuill, which is the first Manufacturing Execution System that digitizes all this paper trail data, enabling manufacturing plants to save time in generating inputs, ensuring accuracy, maintaining compliance and most importantly, enabling the company to receive real-time updates of plant floor level activity.

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Amicus Technology CertificationsSophisticated business software doesn’t have to be complicated. At Amicus, with our experience we believe in keeping it simple – and smart